I am George, George Domjan, a Professional Business Consultant, an Advocate, a Partner, and a real Simplifier.

The one who really makes your, and your business’s life easier. My main areas of expertise are financial security, customer identification, and verification, anti-money-laundering (AML/CTF) checks, investigations and monitoring, the full range of HR, as well as fire protection and occupational health and safety. I not only have a higher level of professional qualification and education in all these fields, but I have many years of professional experience in international and global business, and corporate environments as well.

I have worked in the financial, banking, and online casinos’ verification, fraud, AML/CFT, and payments units as a specialist in the past 6+ years under the European, and also under national regulatory authorities’ jurisdiction of the UK, Malta, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany verifying, and monitoring Customers from all over the World (China, Japan, Russia, North America, Middle East, Far East, Africa, Australia, and the whole Europe) via online checks. Previously worked for 2 years for Delta Airlines at the Budapest Airport, as a security officer, trained by the FBI on passenger’s questioning, screening, and how to verify physically all types of travel document’s (passports, VISAs) by their security features.

I’ve conducted ten thousands online KYC, DDC and enhanced KYC, DDC verifications in the past 6 years, profiling, and monitoring the Customers’ activities, and conducting PEP & Sanctions, Adverse Information & Media Checks.

I perceive both myself and my individual approach to be more than “just the safety/security guy”: I am an experienced and thorough business partner for any kind of business requiring enhanced safety/security checks, due diligence, profiling (KYC, DDC, Payments, Frauds, Fire and Health & Safety) with a demonstrated history of working in the Gambling & Casino industry, in the financial and bank sector and last but not least at the airport/airlines security sector. My background of being a qualified and experienced HR manager, and a Fire & Health and Safety Expert helps me to have a direct and systematic approach to handle complex tasks with the right mixture of proven security measures, but also unconventional solutions by thinking out of the box and having a broader than usual approach to any given challenge that

Being an entrepreneur in the past gives me the opportunity to have a business owner approach to any tasks given, rather than an employee approach, and act as an owner of the field I’m entitled to. Also, I have a good eye at spotting all opportunities where, and how a business or task can be improved in order to make things and life easier, smarter, and more efficient from a business perspective.

I enjoy diving deeper into tasks in which others might only show a superficial interest and finding the best solution for both parties, the company and the client who expects appropriate handling of his matters. I am good at spotting real opportunities for real issues and bringing up realistic solutions, ideally “ahead of the curve.” In my professional as well as in my private life I am building strong and reliable win-win-relationships within the Teams, and with the People I am working with.

I offer my services remotely, or hybrid – while located in the EU (Malta / Hungary / Cyprus) – for companies, businesses, entrepreneurs from all over the World. I’m open and ready to offer high services for you and your business too.