The basic and primary identification of the company’s customers, buyers is essential, and in some cases legal requirements. The English term, KYC in itself refers to Know Your Customer.

Know Your Customer, KYC corresponds to the process carried out by certain companies to identify and verify the identity of their customers in a compliant way with regulations in force. 

It is a process that tries to fight money laundering, terrorist financing, tax crimes and phishing by registering a user as a customer of a company.

Know Your Business (KYB) process is not so different from the most widely known and standardized Know Your Customer (KYC) process. The difference lies in the purpose and intentionality of the process, focused on identifying companies and suppliers in the first case and consumers or customers in the second one.

How we can help you and your company, organisation with our services:

Identity Check

Quick and efficient, this service uses verified databases to cross-check applicants’ details. Before signing up, opening an account and/or transacting with a natural or legal person we validate the truthfulness of the provided identity. Go-ahead or a red flag is returned to the operator.

Work Eligibility

Job seekers are screened and their validity to work in a specific jurisdiction is ensured. Identity documents and visas are checked to confirm they are in line with the given territory law. We ease the authorisation checks of individuals to be hired by your company, organisation in whichever part of the globe they are situated in.

Document Check

With the amount of fake and stolen documents in circulation in a constant increase, checking that official documents are in accordance with regulations and authentic in nature is imperative. A digital inspection of passports and other documents is carried by us. Checks vary by type of document and country of origin.

CV Verification

Employing the right candidate for important positions is a key function in the success of a company, so ensuring the veracity of incoming resumes is crucial. We complete a check of both previous education and employment history. Any discrepancies in the provided CV to the true facts are flagged and communicated to the recruitment agency and/or hiring company.

Director Check

This check goes into the list of past and current directorships and checks for any negative cases like problems due to direct negligence and fraudulent behaviour. We complete a rundown of previous and current appointments, assets and liabilities to protect the interest of the appointing organisation. This is done to minimise liability exposures for the company from future inappropriate activities and possible crime by directors on its board.

Global Sanction Check

We have access to up-to-date global watch lists (including Anti-Terrorism and Anti-Money Laundering Lists) – this check includes a full scan of these lists to ensure an applicant is not listed.

Adverse Media

From newspapers to blogs, this service checks whether an applicant has received any relevant and negative media mentions, which reflect wrongdoing and pose a risk of non-conformity in carrying out responsibilities.