Has it ever came to your Mind that the knowledge and experience that you have accumulated in your life so far could be shared with others?

Imagine that every one of us, You and myself too, are all perfectly unique combinations of all the knowledge, and not least the experience, that we have gathered throughout our Lives. At the same time, 99% of people know much less about everything that is already in your fingers, whether it’s artificial nail building, math tutoring, information about certain features of the Excell program, baking, cooking, baby massage, aeroplane modelling, or a more serious professional field, be it accounting, tile-stove construction, etc. Why not use the knowledge and experience within you to pass it on to others and even earn a steady, passive income?

An obvious solution is to:

Open Your Own Online School / Training Platform!

You don’t even have to worry about that there is only one thing, topic, training you can offer. The idea can be completely viable by offering a single course/training to People who want to learn from you. Just think about the history of the RedBull or Coca-Cola. Even up to this day, RedBull offers a single product and is a billion-dollar business. It really gave wings, if not to the buyers, to your imagination anyway!

Starting such an online school is very easy, but it is important to use a suitable platform and tool that provides you with everything that can be the key to your success: an impressive, tailored look for You or Your Business, an interactive student experience at all levels, the highest degree of automation, and accessible on any device (including desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets) so that your School can work and generate money for you even while you are sleeping.

How much can such a System cost?

A professional and immediately operating complex and fully automated System doesn’t cost much – especially if we also look at the expectable return indicators – as there is no need to develop such a system from the scratches expensively for thousands of EURs. We can use a specially designed and continuously tested, continuously developed system in a monthly or annual subscription system.

The One-Time Costs

The One-Time Costs of the setting up of such a System, with training on how to use it, including the registration of any domain name that best reflects Your Business or Your Online School, including an associated hosting, doesn’t cost more than €240-360 EUR net.

Monthly, or Annual Subscription Cost

The cost of operating such a professional System (including the separate subscriptions for the necessary tools) is between €167-198 net per month or on an annual subscriptionwith a 16% discount offaround €1,670 to €1,980 net.

Total Start-Up Costs therefore

You can start your own Online School on very favourable terms, as the Total Start-Up Cost (on a monthly subscription option, with the technical costs at the beginning) is already available from € 394 net, for what you get a fully operational Online Training Platform from the very first moment. Your courses can be uploaded immediately as they are ready to launch, and it can generate money for you, automatically when you are asleep, potentially ensuring that the next monthly subscription fees are already covered by the income from the courses sold, and so Your Online School becomes self-sufficient quickly! These costs don’t contain the costs of the course materials’ costs.

Expectable return

Taking into account the average online course fees (€ 29.90-149.90) as well as the One-Time and Subscription Costs associated with running your own Online School, it can be seen that even after 20 students, the annual investment pays off, which means that in as little as 2-3 months you can achieve that your Online School is already generating profits and passive income for You.

If you are interested in the above, feel free to contact me, and we can discuss the details tailored for Your needs to find the best suitable construction for you.

In connection with the start-up of your Online School, I can provide you with all the needed professional support, and assistance in all related questions and tasks, from the settings, installation, selection and implementation of the proper subscription, and also the planning, creating and publishing online educational materials, to start Your Online School, and in any authorization would be needed.

Request a free online presentation to learn more about the options in detail!


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