The unfortunate fact is that

95% of the New Year’s resolution
FAIL within the first few days

and there is only one little thing behind this sad fact:

That we are trying to avoid something that we like with


If you are a smoker, or you would like to get rid out of drinking, or you would like to give up overeating and start losing your weight under the willpower method then first you collect all the disadvantages of smoking, drinking, or eating unhealthy, or too much, and while you are focusing on why you shouldn’t smoke, drink, or eat more you hope that providing you can abstain long enough, you will eventually wake up one morning with no desire ever to smoke, drink, or eat unhealthy again.

Why it doesn’t work? There are some things you must understand before you can quit easily of any of these “bad habits”. First of all: they are not habits.

There are a lot of beliefs in our minds about our little crutches, about our “best friends”: the next cigarette, just one more glass of beer, wine, or whiskey, or just one more plate of our favourite dish. The second: We believe that we are gaining something special from these next ones.

Before you lit your first cigarette or drank your first glass of wine, beer, or whiskey, or started to overeat regularly, you never felt that you should do it to feel better, more relaxed, or unbore yourself to do so. That was the Genuine State of Your Mind, just like any other non-smokers, non-drinkers, or non-overeaters. You most probably said: “I will never ever smoke, or drink! I hate even the smell / the taste of it!”

And now … you believe that without it you would feel deprived.

So, when you try to quit with any WILLPOWER method (and I count all these methods here: pure willpower, patches, pills, inhalers, etc.), you are focusing only on why you should quit, but you do not do your “habit” for those reasons you are focusing on, but for the opposite: you do it because you think that you are gaining some genuine advantages from it: “It relaxes me.” or “I deserve that little time on me.”, “It helps me when I am alone and bored.”, “It helps me concentrate.” etc.

This is now your Addicted State of Mind.

Yes! The fact is your addiction is 99% only in your mind, and you are physically addicted to your “best friend” only in 1%.

So, when You are trying to get rid out of the trap of your Addicted Mind after the first few hours of avoiding your best friend you feel like this:

The Angel says: “Oh, you are great that you are quitting, you will feel much better, you will have more money, you won’t smell like an ashtray, you will be much healthier, you will live longer, and will feel free, just keep it up, you can do it, and for the rest of your life you will live a much better LIFE ….”

And in the meantime in your other ear, the Evil says: “Would you just drop your little friend away? Are you crazy? Would you just like to feel deprived for the rest of your life? Idiot! Just one more cigarette! One more little glass of wine! Just one more plate! … Don’t lose everything! Do you want to feel deprived for the rest of your life? Think! How will you enjoy a party, or dinner if you quit?”

And this is why we fail 95% with the New Year’s resolutions, or with any willpower method too.  While in one hand after a few days you will really feel that physically, and mentally, and of course financially too you feel much better than a few days before, on the other hand, the Evil grows in your ear, and keeps saying “It is only one little cigarette!” Why not? You have already proved that you can do it, so you deserve that one little cigarette now.”

But, one of the trickiest part of the smoking, drinking, overeating trap is that we believe that we can have ONLY ONE!  

There is NEVER EVER ONLY ONE! If you have ever stopped smoking, drinking, or did a diet for a while, and you thought that you can have ONLY ONE you have always failed! This is why you are here now.

Listen! Instead of trying again with another New Year’s resolution, and sentence yourself for a few days, weeks of struggling, when you know that there is only 5% chance to win, why don’t you drop these WILLPOWER methods off, and try with a Method, that helps 90% of the addicts?

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You won’t feel deprived, you will just feel like any happy non-smokers, that – while you could – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIT ANY MORE CIGARETTES, and you will feel free, happy, any YOU WILL ENJOY THE WHOLE REST OF YOUR LIFE … EASILY! 🙂

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