Hello, my name is George Domjan. Born in Hungary but living in the Sunny Malta, sorry, actually I’m living in the Sunny & Peaceful & and Relaxing Gozo. People approach me many times that I resemble my favorite actor Russel Crowe, or from the Marvel series Thor (the fatty „Big Guy” Thor), or the late Bud Spencer in his best times.

A few weeks ago when I’ve been to Catania a guy from the next table in the cafeteria was staring at me for about ten minutes before he turned to me that he doesn’t want to bother me, but am I Russel, as I resemble to him. I was laughing and told him that, no, I’m not Russel, but he’s my favorite actor too, and as many others told me about this similarity I’m on to give it a try to apply to work with him on his next movie, the Gladiator II sequel.

About me – my Casting Sheet

Name: George Domjan
Original name: Domján György

Nationality: Hungarian

Spoken languages:

English (fluent)
Hungarian (native)

Gender: male

Living: Gozo, Malta (8+ years)
(permanent resident)


+36 20 511 0099

+356 7909 9010

Email: george.domjan@gmail.com

Place of born: Szolnok, Hungary

Date of born: 23/07/1974

Address: Xahman Crt., Flat nr. 6., Triq Xaghman, Sannat, Gozo, SNT 1150

Maltese ID: 141634A

Profession: Safety and Security Expert, iGaming expert in AML field, consultant
Previously: Firefighter in Captain rank
Other professions: Bicycle and Jeep Tour Adventure Guide in Malta and Gozo

Height:  178 cm
Chest:   139 cm
Waist:    132 cm
Hip:        135 cm
Confection size: XXL – 3XL
Shoe size: 44-45 (EU)Hair: brown / Eyes: blue / Skin color: white
Tattoo: right lower arm top side, ~10 x 26 cm, Maori-stylePiercing: no piercing

Types of work undertaken in filming

  • Extra
  • Featured extra
  • Featured extra with lines
  • Stand in
  • Photo double (similarities to Russell Crowe)

Skills: playing the guitar, riding a bicycle, kayak, swimming

Driving license – very well-experienced driver, rider
A cat. – motorcycles (unlimited in size)
B cat. – car (right and left hand driven, manual, automatic, all types)